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General Sales terms

  1. To bind our company, each order should have been confirmed at our location.
  2. We will try to delver the goods in the promised time schedule. No fee can be asked for any delay.
  3. We will stay owner of all goods until full payment. The buyer will support all risks and all instalments will be held to cover losses by retail. In case the goods are resold, even modified, the buyer will keep all bad debts and claims or frozen credits.
  4. No annulment of order will be accepted in case of delay for delivery.
  5. The shipping of the goods is at the buyer's risks.
  6. All claims should be send by letter to Ippon Sport S.P.R.L. Chaussée de Ninove 288 in B-1070 Bruxelles , within 5 days after receipt of the goods.
  7. All invoices will be paid to Ippon Sport S.P.R.L.
  8. Retailers or representatives are not entitled to collect invoices except when specified otherwise.
  9. All bills not paid on time will be charged with 12% interest.
  10. In case credit is not sure anymore, we reserve the right to ask for guaranties in order to ensure full payment. In case of refusal we reserve the right to close all or part of our mission.
  11. In case of non-payment of our invoice we reserve the right to increase the amount with 10% and or € 50,00 at least for all costs.
  12. In case of contest either the buyers or seller's Court of justice are competent.
  13. All bills are supposed to be paid cash.
  14. Change rates and risks bound to these are in charge of the buyer.
  15. The non-payment of an invoice allows us to ask for all amounts standing to your credit.