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The Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro is a standing punching bag that is widely used worldwide. For example, it can often be found in gyms, but it is certainly also suitable for use at home.

The base of the Wavemaster is quite low and can be filled with 140kg of sand or water. Please note, we prefer sand instead of water. If there is a leak, it will give a mess, but not immediately (water) damage.


A pipe runs up from the foot that keeps the pillow in place. This is a bit wider at the bottom so that you can train your low kicks in this ensures that the Wavemaster remains stable during training!


Designed for daily and intensive use, the Wavemaster will last for years. The cushion is made of a high-density foam layer, which can absorb kicks and punches well.

The total length of the Wavemaster 2XL Pro is +/- 175cm, the cushion is 132cm with a diameter of 46cm. It feels solid and stands sturdy, but is easy to take apart if necessary.



Sturdy and massive standing punching bag

Easy to roll away due to rounded base

Foot can be filled up to 140 kg

High density foam padding

Wide & stable base under the pillow

Total length +/-175cm

Cushion 132cm high and 46cm in diameter

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