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Karate Fightart Kata SHOGUN WKF Approuved
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Karate Fightart Kata SHOGUN WKF Approuved

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Karate Fightart Kata SHOGUN WKF Approuved

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The 'Shogun' karate kimono belongs to the official Fightart range, created and tested by a team of karate enthusiasts. This kimono designed for kata and competition is approved by the World Karate Federation.

The jacket and pants of this karate kimono are made of a woven "cotton canvas" 

material, renowned for its solidity and impeccable hold, especially when performing 

katas. In addition to incomparable comfort, this kimono offers a beautiful presence 

thanks to the natural composition of the materials and the cut adapted to technical 

work. The 'Shogun' kimono jacket has a very elaborate cut and numerous finishing 

seams, to meet the requirements of karate technicians.


A high cut with a semi-rigid pad at the back of the pants provides ideal support for the 

lower back. The pants are equipped with innovative technology: they benefit from 

self-adjustment thanks to an ingenious system of elastics located on the sides of the pants (patent pending).

The pants thus remain in place even before having tightened 

the cords located at the level of the size. No risk of the pants falling off in competition, 

thus avoiding possible risks of disqualification.


This kimono is cut for katas and is suitable for both teenagers and adults, for training 

and competition. Follow the washing instructions to minimize shrinkage after washing*

(*the canvas is made of cotton which will shrink slightly, as the natural 

material lives over time); also, check our size chart when choosing your kimono size.

The finish of the 'Shogun' kimono will convince karate aesthetes: magnificent woven labels

without relief have been designed by an artist, in the purest Japanese spirit, 


taking up the visual codes of Bushido and the Samurai spirit.

The 'Shogun' karate kimono remains a very technical kata kimono,

for optimal performance on tatami mats. Oss. Trademark protected



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