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Phantom Training Mask

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Phantom Training Mask

Phantom Training Mask

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Phantom Training Mask

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The Phantom Training Mask is a training device that helps you to train muscles, you need for any sport...your breathing muscles. The breathing process is essential for any physical activity, yet we pay little attention to it. This changes with the Phantom Training Mask. It sets your focus on your breathing by limiting your air supply during training. This makes it harder to get your lungs filled with air and strengthens your breathing muscles which increases your performance when training or competing without the mask.




  • Train your breathing muscles and increase your performance in any sport
  • Change resistance levels easily during training without taking your mask off
  • Ultra lightweight, anatomically designed sleeve that will not slip during training
  • Use of only the best, hygienic and anti allergic materials
  • Customize your mask with exchangeable covers and sleeves (sold seperately)
  • Easy to disassemble, clean and wash


The Phantom Training Mask is made from only the highest quality materials. The COVER and the PRS (Phantom Regulator System) are made from Nylon, that is functional and longlasting while the MASK BODY is made from medical silicone which is hygienic and anti allergic. Our SLEEVE is made from an ultra lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking high-tech fabric that is comfortable to wear and has a perfect anatomical fit that will not slip during your training.

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Notes et avis

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